Crime in Mexico

I was really concerned the first time I went over the border into Baja because of all the crime reported in the media.  But, after I got there and saw how wonderful the people are in San Felipe and how safe it is I realized that everything would be ok.  Since that first trip I’ve been there at least 30 times and am excited about owning property in Baja.

These maps display exactly where the crime areas are located in relation to San Felipe.  Cartel Violence & Mexico Warnings 2010

A woman can walk the streets in the evening alone and still be safe.  This is not your father’s Mexico. The streets are clean, the people are kind and grateful that you are visiting their fishing town, and since Mexico wasn’t a part of the secondary market economy nightmare, the government is putting a great deal of money into the San Felipe Marina, infrastructure, and their new 4 lane highway from Mexicali to San Felipe.

When you look at the crime statistics > total crimes (per Capita) (most recent) by country> per 1,000 people.

The US is rated 8th with 80.0545 per 1,000 people and Mexico is rated 39th with only 12.8406 per 1,000 people.  I like to joke with people when they ask me if I’m afraid to go to Mexico and I say, “If I can just get through Los Angeles, I’m not afraid at all.”   Nationmaster total crime

San Jose is currently my hometown, and Oakland is just an hour away.  Did you know that Oakland is rated the 4th most crime-ridden city in the United States?  I make this point because; since I am not involved in anything that goes on in Oakland I have not been at risk.  The same goes for San Felipe.  The nearest crime is 325 miles away.  If you aren’t involved in smuggling drugs or firearms, you aren’t at risk.

Listen to your local news and count the number of crime reports you hear in just one evening. If you’re reading this, my guess is that you weren’t involved so you weren’t at risk.

Notice when the most Mexico crime reports or warnings are broadcasted.  Spring Break for our kids here in the US is when the most warnings are issued from our government.  Could it be because our government doesn’t want US money going to Mexico?  What a surprise!

When you take into account this report on the Crime Statistics per country the US tops the chart.   Could it be that you would be safer in Mexico than in the United States?  Nationmaster crime per capita

Shirlene Reeves assisted us with purchasing
our San Felipe property. She made it simple, clear and easy. We’re so happy. – Ed & Julie D.