Eco Area

The Sea of Cortez – An International Biosphere Reserve

El Dorado Ranch is a 35,000-acre, eco-friendly development, located among three protected eco-systems; Marine, Desert, and Sierra-like.

Incredible interfacing beauty of the desert and the surrounding coastal landscape with Spring-like sunshine 330 days a year and only 2 to 31/2 inches of rainfall.

The Sea of Cortez is a peaceful inland sea with over 843 varieties of fish and marine life allowing for excellent and abundant, family-friendly sport fishing.  Here you enjoy: Sea Bass, Grouper, Yellowtail Tuna, Tortuava (endangered and protected), Sierra and Corvina, Big Blue Shrimp and Sea Turtles who live in calm waters.  The Sea of Cortez looks like an ocean but acts like a lake.  John Steinbeck called it “God’s Aquarium” and Jaqques Costeau claimed it to be “the incubator for the Pacific Ocean.”

The whales spawn their calves and the almost extinct little 5’ Vaquita porpoise survive along the shores of San Felipe in the entrance of one of the most important ecological sanctuary in the world.

John Steinbeck referred to the Sea of Cortez as “The World’s Aquarium”.  The subsurface marine canyons south of the “Bay of San Felipe” can reach depths of 10,000 feet below sea level as well as the Sierra San Pedro Martir, a 10,000-foot Mountain Range that rises above the Ranch and down the spine of Baja.

In the Sierras you’ll find trout streams, 4 kinds of pine trees, including Quaking Aspens, 160,000 acre protected state and federal park and wild life preserve, Big Horn Sheep and Prong Horn Antelope.  In this Wildlife Ecological Preserved the California Condor is released because it is an area of little or no pollution.

In the desert there is a wide variety of plants and fauna: Ocotillo, Palos Verdes (Spanish for green sticks)… referring to the green bark and branches of these quite remarkable trees, La Cholla, Elephant Trees and Cordon Cactus (Valley of the Giants).  The plural word for Cactus is “Cacti”.


Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve

Our 35,000-acre Ranch is located in the buffer zone, allowing only for low-density building growth.  It is considered to be a special environmental study zone requiring ecological permits.  It took seven years to satisfy all of the Federal, State, and local requirements in order to establish El Dorado Ranch.

It’s the same size as the City of San Francisco in land mass with approximately 5% density since only 17,000 acres will be developed on approx. ¼ acre lots.

When you become involved in the Ranch and decide to build your custom home, La Cholla, Elephant Trees, Cordon Cactus, Ocotillo and Palos Verdes will be moved for you and placed in our nurturing nursery.

El Dorado Ranch has a full time Ecology department and we pride ourselves with being in 100% compliance with PROFEPA, Mexico’s own EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).


18 Hold Championship Golf Course with Eco-Friendly Turf

Within the gated seaside community of La Ventana Del Mar on El Dorado Ranch, is the vision and work of Mr. Brad Benz, world-class golf course architect and designer, credited with over 136 courses worldwide.

“Las Cara Del Mexico”, El Dorado Ranch’s showcased, 18-hole championship Golf course (photos) maintains eco friendly turf, of a Paspallum, Sea Dwarf variety, developed and patented specifically for our developer, Mr. Pat Butler.  The marine layer from the Sea of Cortez nourishes the vegetation on the property and the lakes within the course are actually mixing stations of salt and fresh water needed to maintain the course.

The course is built to PGA specs and is 7200 yards.  It has 40 acres of fairways with 5 tee boxes per green, 80bunkers and is described as a Tee to Green course designed for a PGA 130 degree slope rating and comes complete with carts and caddies.

The International Audubon Society recently awarded El Dorado Ranch with it’s coveted ”Sanctuary” designation as a result of his ‘Think Green’ policies.

Since the grass in patented, Mr. Butler sells it to other course destinations, thereby keeping the membership green fees down to $35.00, including a cart, to those who own property on the ranch.

Mr. J. Patrick Butler, Founder, CEO and Developer of El Dorado Ranch, was the 2006 recipient of Mexico’s prestigious “Businessperson of the year Award”.  This honor has been a 40-year tradition in Mexico and Mr. Butler is the third foreigner ever to achieve this status.

Bring your clubs.  Since the sun shines year-round, you can play almost any day.

Shirlene Reeves assisted us with purchasing
our San Felipe property. She made it simple, clear and easy. We’re so happy. – Ed & Julie D.